Tapx White Paper

The internet today is controlled by a small group of centralized organizations and companies. There are a few main search engines, social media networks, and other platforms that have the power to control what we see and do online.

We need to change the way the web works, to being more decentralized and distributed. This will allow for greater innovation, freedom of speech, privacy, and access to information globally.

Web3 is here to change the existing model of the internet, and let people own and control their data and content and digital assets. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that provides a more intelligent, decentralized, and personalized web space.

Tapx is on a mission to make web3 a more accessible, secure, and rewarding experience for its users and projects. To bring the next billion uses onto the next generation of the web. We do that by building a range of tools that enable more effective, faster, and trusted communication between web3 brands, influencers, creators and their communities. Enabling more adoption.

This whitepaper aims to do a few things. Firstly, it’s an introduction to Tapx and our new mission. More specifically, the whitepaper details the value we provide for our users and partners, as well as what technology is behind this project. We also cover tokenomics in depth so you can make your informed investment decisions.

Introduction to Tapx

Tapx is a Web3-enabled business with a mobile app on Apple and Android operating systems,  a web platform for partner management, and an NFT authentication engine built on the Polygon blockchain.

The platform is designed to give authenticated users the ability to have control over their personal data, to connect with interesting Web3 projects with innovative blockchain-based projects, and to benefit from earning opportunities.

Launched in 2018, the company is supported by Outlier Ventures, with a growing team across the crypto, privacy, marketing and technology space.

Tapx is a Web3-enabled business with a mobile app on Apple and Android operating systems,  a web platform for partner management, and an NFT authentication engine built on the Polygon blockchain.

The platform is designed to give authenticated users the ability to have control over their personal data, to connect with interesting Web3 projects with innovative blockchain-based projects, and to benefit from earning opportunities.

Launched in 2018, the company is supported by Outlier Ventures, with a growing team across the crypto, privacy, marketing and technology space.

Our first product under the previous brand of Tapmydata, the Rights Management Platform, was developed to help users reclaim their personal data from big exploitative companies, by using the Subject Access Request framework. As a result of this project, we were able to deliver a fully secure (encrypted) file and message delivery platform to return data directly to users.

With the launch of our second product (which we refer to in our community as V2) in December 2021, the main focus of the project shifted from reclaiming past users’ data to instead owning your personal data from today, and earning by sharing it selectively with verified Web3 projects.

We developed a new mobile app, available in both Apple IOS and Android app stores, along with our new Glitch NFT authentication engine. Users are able to connect their Web3 Metamask wallet, authenticate their identity by minting a personal Glitch NFT, and engage with verified partners in a rewarding and secure way.

With the V2 release, our platform moved from the Stellar blockchain to the Polygon blockchain. There are a multitude of reasons for this decision, but the main ones being the high speed and low cost of processing transactions. We wanted to make sure minting of the Glitch NFT and transactions within the App were fast and cost effective for all our users. We have also received a grant from Polygon to help further the progress of Tapx, and to reward our users with the MATIC token.

In 2022, we are now building and releasing the 3rd generation of our platform, that will help both web3 users and partners connect and engage with each other in accessible, safe and rewarding ways. With our new Web3 product suite, we aim to provide high utility and value to the fast growing community of Web3 projects.

Project Ecosystem

This section of the whitepaper provides an in-depth look at the new 3rd generation platform which comprises the following 8 components:

For our Users:

Tapx mobile app, on Apple IOS and Android Play stores
Web3 project explorer
Personalised NFT-as-key authentication engine
For our Partners:

Partner portal, for managing campaign settings
Individual Link-in-bio profile pages, the first web3 native links page solution
Audience intelligence hub
For our Investors:

Single-sided staking platform
LP staking platform
Web3 intelligence platform
Tapx Mobile App
The new Tapx mobile app is the heart of the Tap ecosystem that enables fast, secure, and rewarding communication between our users and partners.

How it works:

Download the app.
Connect your Metamask account and add MATIC tokens to your wallet. Find out how to add MATIC here.
Give Tapx permission to manage transactions. ($TAP only).
Mint your Glitch NFT to verify your personality at glitch.tapx.com
Add some data into a secure data locker. Users are free to share any data they want to and they also can sign out and stop sharing their personal information.
Explore our partners and join the partner channels to receive project updates, token rewards and other bounties for sharing his data.
Discover more about existing projects, and learn about new projects in a safe and rewarding way.
The app is available to download on Android Play and Apple IOS stores.

Link-in-bio profile pages
Our Link in Bio solution is the first and only web3 native profile management tool for projects, brands, publishers, influencers, and more.

It is a better, faster, and cheaper web3 native tool to build your web3 profile:

Fast and easy to set up and manage – apply your brand colors, fonts, logo and links.
Cheaper than web2 alternatives.
Set up your rules – create unique content for users with various access levels, gated by the tokens they hold
More advanced features to come – we will be adding more options to make it easier for our partners and clients to connect and communicate with each other in a fast moving web3 world.
Web3 project explorer – coming soon
We’re making web3 content accessible for everyone. With our User explorer hub curious web3 enthusiasts will be able to more easily and safely navigate through the web3 space:

Explore trending projects
Receive brand and project updates
Save the projects and links you liked
Save content directly from Twitter
Use it as a Web3 security tool /
Earn bounty reward for completing actions
Tapx personalised NFT-as-key mint engine
The Tapx NFT acts as a key to access unique content and rewards within the Tapx ecosystem.

It costs 5 MATIC to mint the NFT. When users first mint their Tapx NFT they will be rewarded with TAP tokens equal in value to the cost (in MATIC) of minting the NFT. These TAP tokens can be used to open a communication channel with a partner, in order to then earn that partner’s native token according to the terms set for each channel.

Mint your Glitch NFT here

Audience intelligence hub – coming soon
Our Web3 intelligence hub is a powerful audience discovery tool for our partners. Its functionality is focused on giving insights about web3 trends and users activity, to help inform growth strategies. This tool will be an essential part of planning promotional campaigns, product launches, audience engagement and retention initiatives, and much more.

The Audience  intelligence hub features:

Web-3 project-level trends
See which projects are exploding onto the scene and maintain lasting momentum

Subscription based access
Access insights across Tapx ecosystem of partners with NFT governed access levels

Insights dashboard
Build your own “insights” dashboard into the intelligence hub to keep a track on the projects and trends that matter most

Team level access
Empower your team with unique and valuable signals to help take better investment decisions

Connect with users of projects
Identify and connect with those users who hold specific tokens, and reward them for insights and knowledge they share with you

Plan the launch of your new projects
Use the insights to develop a go-to-market plan based on what you know has worked with existing projects, and connect with your ideal customers.

Tapx Partner Portal
The Tapx Partner Portal is a web-based platform where our partners – web3 projects, influencers, investors, and creators – set up and manage their community engagement campaigns, across our suite of web3 native tools

Partners are able to configure their profile pages, build new channels, reach out to existing community members, manage their link-in-bio solutions, and set up their challenges and rewards.

Tapx participants
We are building web3-native tools to connect partners and users in secure and rewarding ways.

Tapx Partners
Our partners are Web3 brands, including networks, applications, platforms, marketplaces, collectors, influencers, and many others, who are engaging with their communities through various channels including Discord, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, amongst others.

New partners will be invited to claim a role and authenticate themselves as unique partners within the Tapx ecosystem.

What partners can do with Tapx:

Create a partner profile on Tapx
Reward users directly for their data, time, and attention
Request permission for additional information in the personal data locker
Add additional information about who they are and what they do
Connect with their existing community via encrypted communications
Grow their community by identifying and connecting with target users
Get insights showing the activity of users across their profile assets
Tapx Users
Tapx users are both crypto savvy and crypto curious people who want to discover authenticated web3 projects, and navigate through the web3 space in a safe and rewarding manner.

The advantages for users are many:

Easy to navigate
Safe access to new partners
Earning opportunities from engaging with Partners
Secure transfer of data
A single hub for important Partner announcements
And many more
Technical Overview
Polygon network

Tapx is built on the Polygon network. Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more.

Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 7000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.

We believe Polygon is a great choice for delivering a fast, scalable and sustainable service for our users.

With the grant we received from Polygon, we can continue to push forward with innovation and development. And our  community will have an opportunity to earn from their time and data.

TAP Token

Tapx has its own token – TAP which is based on ERC20 Ethereum token standard.

TAP Token Allocation

TAP Release Schedule

Utilities of Token
TAP is much more than just a payment token; it becomes the key for Tapx Users and Partners to interact in accessible, secure and rewarding ways.

Use cases for the TAP token already cover the following at launch of our 3rd generation ecosystem, and the list will expand with each new partnership, use case and trust node which is added to the ecosystem:

TAP Token Use Cases as the Ecosystem Grows
For partners:

Create new channels
Access levels (audience analytics)
NFT minting (access to insights)
Authenticate Partner Profiles
Identify & connect with new community members
App governance and improvement proposals
For users:

NFT minting
Web3 data storage
Voting for partners / causes
Subscriptions to partner updates
Applying to whitelists
Joining livesteams
For all token holders:

App governance and improvement proposal creation and voting
TAP Staking
Single-sided staking platform
Single-sided staking solution provides the capability for any user to earn TAP tokens that they can later use to open data channels, unlock pro features, and be the first to know the project updates and insights.

Single staking programme will allow all TAP holders to stake their tokens and earn a TAP return on the fees generated by the Tapx ecosystem.

LP staking platform
Our LP staking platform launched in March 2022 to give our users and investors the opportunity to earn rewards by adding their TAP tokens to liquidity pools. Under the new program,1,800,000 TAP / 300,000 TAP per month will be distributed among providers of liquidity to the above pools.

Liquidity mining is the process of staking the liquidity you add to the Tapx Uniswap and SushiSwap pools (either ETH pool or MATIC pool) and earning TAP rewards in return.

Scaling Tapx
We’re scaling Tapx in 3 ways:

Creating valuable tools for Partners and Users.
Our solutions enable Partners and People to connect and engage in secure and rewarding ways in the web3 world.

Building valuable partnerships.
We have rebranded to Tapx and have taken on a new marketing approach to establish our partnerships in web3.

We wanted to make sure that we were not just selling a product, but building valuable connections in order to grow together. That’s why we put emphasis on building a brand new marketing approach that would establish and strengthen our partnerships with clients.

Giving the Tapx community voice and control.
We will keep growing the Tapx community by creating valuable partnerships with trending companies and projects. Our goal is to give the community  more governance over the Tapx future.

Tapx is on a mission to connect Web3 Users and Partners in Accessible, Secure and Rewarding ways.

Web 3 projects that are interested in efficiently connecting and engaging with their existing and new users will have a new suite of tools to help them. The tools we’re building will ease access to verified web3 users and will help organizations to improve their processes and achieve a better user experience.

With our set of tools web3 projects will be able to provide a more personalized experience to their users by using the data they collect in a way that benefits the user, rather than just using it for advertising purposes only. This means that they can grow their audience more efficiently because they don’t have to keep track of what users are looking at all the time or bombard them with ads.

For users, the result should be more secure access to rewarding experiences with authenticated Web3 projects, our Partners. Access to web3 projects will be faster and more seamless. Simply through participation in the ecosystem users will be able to engage with projects they like, share their data with them, and earn tokens for that.

This new paradigm will ultimately reduce the risk of data violation and help web3 projects grow their audience efficiently.